Combined Flexo

Diversified flexo configurations with in-line processes

If we look at modern flexographic installations you often find machines with complex designs that meet every kind of market requirement. These demand the research and development of many different combined machine configurations with on-line flexo or gravure operations.

These combination presses are designed either to tackle problems related to the nature of particular critical printing materials which require coating before printing (primer) or to produce sophisticated graphic structures of some packages, mainly for foodstuffs, which require brilliant or protective over lacquering of the printed layer both in the flexible and rigid packaging market.

These operations of coating before printing or lacquering after printing, either in continuous or registered pattern to the print, both on the front or reverse of the web, can be performed in flexo with a downstream flexo unit equipped with independent vertical drying hood which allows additional operations without jeopardizing the maximum performing speed of the machine.

If for specific products you need to apply a cold seal, wax or PVC coating, then you have to utilise one or more gravure units in-line with the flexo machine. The majority of the flexo lines for printing and converting folding carton feature inline flexo units to perform additional product forming operations in register to the print on the C.I. drum. These lines for folding carton production are then completed by platen or rotary die cutters produced by the Cerutti Group.

The introduction of the direct drive technology has undoubtedly favoured the engineering of these combined lines as it provides a quick and precise digital synchronization through a digital axis between the print and all the online additional equipment which follow after the C.I. printing section.

The commitment pursued by KBA-Flexotecnica in the projecting and manufacturing of these combined lines produced for the market worldwide witnesses the development of flexography which has allowed this process to achieve high quality standards.

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