Product description

The EVOXG12 winner of flexo tech award for innovation

The EVO XG 12 incorporates a number of important innovations aimed at remarkably optimising the machine’s productivity and efficiency, and the growing requirements of today’s market when selecting new potential investments in this level of technology.

Infinite combinations of colours, special primer coatings required on certain substrates or printing images with sophisticated graphic artwork and the need for a finish over-lacquer can all be achieved on the EVOXG12 without jeopardizing production speeds.

To assure maximum flexibility by using 12 print units combined with a drastic reduction in press downtime, the EVO XG 12 also incorporates the SSC system (Safe Sleeve Change). It was developed by Flexotecnica to allow the makeready of idle print units while the others are printing in the safest and most practical way.

The EVO XG 12 features consolidated direct drive technology in addition to the numerical control system for monitoring the print process using new-generation, operator-friendly touch screen panels (NEW HMI).

The design of the print deck is further enhanced by a new “Pipeless” doctor chamber design that removes all ink piping from the operating area to outside the machines substantial side frames.

Novel integrated solutions aimed at a drastic reduction in waste both at print set-up and during production, such as KBA-Flexotecnica’s auto impression setting system A.I.F developed in-house. It delivers utmost efficiency thanks to the introduction of an endless array of developments to control and manage the production process within the philosophy of T.Q.M.A. (Total Quality Management Approach) proposed by KBA-Flexotecnica that feature the entire product portfolio of X generation.

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